The 365 Project

This blog will be the product of a self-imposed assignment that will begin on January 1, 2010. I have titled the project and the accompanying blog The 365 Project. Every day in the year 2010 I will shoot a series of photographs, picking the best of these images to post on the blog. Therefore I will have a picture for every day of the year.
There are two purposes for this blog. The first is personal and selfish. I read Craig Tanners article “The Myth Of Talent” which talks about artistic talent being an achievement, not something given to a chosen few by the cosmos. I came across a similar message on Zack Arias’ web site while listening to his critiques of photographers web sites. Therefore in the interest of improving my talents I am embarking on this artistic journey.
The second reason for the blog is to share this experience with the world. I hope that this may become some sort of a teaching tool. Maybe this will encourage others to do the work to better themselves as well. There could be a 365 Project following, where people pledge to do the same exercise to improve themselves day by day.
All comments are welcome.

Steven H Brown

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