Frozen Blue

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2 Responses to Frozen Blue

  1. Flo says:

    Boy, do I really like this! May I indulge in a bit of fantasy? Mr and Mrs Driftwood are snug in their bed of snow, but playing a little game before actually closing their eyes. He says (he’s on the left), “Hey, honey, look over there! I like how the ice is thickening.” She responds, “Oh, I prefer to look over here at the still unfrozen water. It can still reflect the world around it.”

    Which means that I like that you got both worlds of the winter transformation: the slowly forming ice and the still open and reflecting water.

    • sbrown1959 says:

      Thank you, Flo, for all of your comments to my blog so far. You have such a unique way of looking at images, I always see new ideas in my images after your comments!

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