Moonlight Tree

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2 Responses to Moonlight Tree

  1. Flo says:

    Hum, on the one hand, this is probably an image of trees shot from below and the white blotches are clouds.

    However, if I shift perspective and imagine myself standing on a hilltop above the trees, then those white blotches become stepping stones that form a path. Then the two larger and slightly darker blotches on the upper right side could become trees. And the big white blotch in the lower part that runs into the yellow/orange trees could be the light from above reflecting off the water of a lake, stream or pond.

    I like this mysteriousness that allows me to specular and change my POV, while nothing in the image actually changes.

    Stephen, would you mind sharing how you made this image? Soft focus filter? Or all done in pp?

    • stevens365project says:

      Flo, I shot this image at 1 am, it was a long exposure which caused a color shift. The softness is due to camera shake, an unintended benefit of the chilly night air. I didn’t do a lot in PP other than adjusting the exposure, cropping and the usual levels & curves.

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